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I love unmade beds. I love when people are drunk and crying and cannot be anything but honest in that moment. I love the look in people’s eyes when they realize they’re in love. I love the way people look when they first wake up and they’ve forgotten their surroundings. I love the gasp people take when their favorite character dies. I love when people close their eyes and drift to somewhere in the clouds. I fall in love with people and their honest moments all the time. I fall in love with their breakdowns and their smeared makeup and their daydreams. Honesty is just too beautiful to ever put into words.

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Black and gray anchor and peonies by Stephanie Flannery at Golden Rule Tattoo in Phoenix, AZ. 


Black and gray anchor and peonies by Stephanie Flannery at Golden Rule Tattoo in Phoenix, AZ. 

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Romwe &amp;. Choies.

Romwe &. Choies.

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going back to school after a break is like when you pause a video game to go pee and when you come back you forget how intense and chaotic everything was when you paused it and the second you unpause it all your enemies collectively punch you in the face

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the fact that kids feel physically ill and have mental breakdowns at the very idea of going to school should be a clue to some people that maybe something isnt fucking right

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You’re not in love with me, not really, you just love the way I always made you feel. Like you were the center of my world. Because you were. I would have done anything for you.

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